1. Powersim Studio 10 Express dapat membangun dan mensimulasikan dengan batasan yang ditentukan
  2. Variabel maksimum dalam model adalah 50 variabel
  3. Variabel array maksimum 1000 elemen
  4. Batas memori untuk variabel adalah 80 KB
  5. Ukuran maksimum untuk rentang dinamis adalah 20
  6. Hanya satu utilitas dalam pemrosesan untuk simulasi
  7. Hanya tersedia untuk versi 32-bit
  8. Lisensi kedaluwarsa selama 6 bulan Catatan:
  9. Studio 10 Express akan menggantikan versi lama Powersim
  10. Studio 10 Express adalah perangkat lunak gratis
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We bring Systems Thinking to the world with our innovative solutions and services. isee systems’ Dynamic Modeling software is a powerful tool that allows the user to create system diagrams that can be simulated over time. By creating these diagrams, you are better able to understand the behavior of that system and identify areas for improvement. The ability to simulate over time allows the user to easily test several hypotheses to avoid unintended consequences and costly trial and error. With an intuitive user interface and effective analytics our software allows you to quickly advance your modeling skills. To ensure customers get the most out of our software, we offer a wide range of services such as online courses from beginner to advanced, in-person workshops, one-on-one modeling support, as well as many free webinars and tutorials. We also have a consulting branch that will work directly with your team to deliver a clear, effective model for your project.

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Barry Richmond believed that as a population, our methods of thinking and communicating were outdated, making it difficult to solve the major issues of the world. A solution for this is to change the way we think, communicate, and teach. This new dynamic way of thinking, called Systems Thinking, enables people to build a better understanding of the world around them, so that they make better decisions. isee systems is dedicated to continuing this effort to change the way we think by bringing Systems Thinking to the world! We want people to challenge the world around them and break out of a static way of thinking. We strive to create intuitive, easy-to-use dynamic modeling software that makes Systems Thinking accessible to everyone, from beginner to expert. As people continue to use Systems Thinking every day, they will be better able to understand dynamic relationships within a system, think through a problem, and communicate their ideas and solutions more proficiently.
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Industrial strength simulation software for improving the performance of real systems. Vensim’s rich feature set emphasizes model quality, connections to data, flexible distribution, and advanced algorithms. Configurations for everyone from students to professionals.
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