Looking for Associate Professor in System Dynamics

Qualifications and personal qualities:


  1. Applicants must have a doctoral degree in system dynamics or equivalent qualifications in system dynamics.


  1. Applicants must have published research, beyond their PhD dissertation, in well-reputed international outlets (journals, text-books etc.).
  2. The evaluation of the applicants’ scientific work will primarily focus on research published during the last five years.
  3. Applicants should demonstrate academic research expertise in the application and further development of System Dynamics theory, methods, techniques and tools. Applications of particular relevance are those addressing the sustainability of social and natural systems.
  4. Applicants should be prepared to contribute to one or more of the following prioritized domains of research: Model-based policy analysis for sustainable development. Vali­dation methods for dynamic models. Expansion of the system dynamic modeling tool­box based on advanced quantitative methods, – including formal analysis and optimization of the behavior of complex models.
  5. Applicants should, preferably, demonstrate experience in one or more of the approaches to knowledge acquisition and dissemination: Qualitative and quantitative methods governing data collection and analysis. Group model building. Experimental techniques. Interactive learning environment development.
  6. Applicants should demonstrate a record of international publications, to be included with the application, of relevance to the position. Applicants should demon­strate experience in writing research proposals, in initiating and successfully com­pleting research projects, and in the participation in international, collaborative research of relevance to the position.

Personal qualities

  1. Cooperative skills, future plans for research, and ambitions regarding innovative teaching will be considered to be of added value.


  1. Applicants should demonstrate significant experience in teaching at the university level.
  2. In line with the efforts to digitize learning at the University of Bergen, applicants should be well-prepared to participate in the development and assessment of innovative, web-based learning technologies and their application.
  3. The language of instruction will be English. Proficiency in English will be required and language proficiency at large will be valued. The University of Bergen offers courses in Norwegian for new employees who are not familiar with the Norwegian or another Scandinavian language.

Educational competence

Basic teaching training and experience in the supervision of students at university level is a requirement for the position as associate professor (see link). This implies completed formal pedagogical training, as well as basic skills in the development, planning, implementation, and evaluation of teaching and supervision. Should the successful applicant not have such competence at the time of appointment, he/she will be required to document such training within two years of the date of appointment.

Educational competence must be documented in a pedagogical portfolio which should include a documented overview of practical experience and competence as well as a brief reflection statement. The statement should primarily describe the applicant’s own teaching philosophy and an evaluation of that teaching in relation to his/her knowledge of students’ learning at a higher education level.